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Frank Ludwig, Paul Weaver, and Noah Martin as Ludwig and Company established New Holland Meats, Inc. as a partnership in 1927. They operated a slaughterhouse on the Ludwig farm. Noah Martin was the experienced custom butcher. They operated three sales trucks and had a retail store in New Holland, which was managed by Charles Adams. When Mr. Ludwig retired, Charles Adams became a partner in the business. At that time the name was changed to New Holland Meat Market. All meat being transported at that time had to be loaded onto trucks that were stocked with large 300lb. blocks of ice for refrigeration. The drivers had to custom cut the meat for customers on their routes. Every evening the trucks then had to be unloaded for the night and then re-loaded the next morning.

By 1946 the company had outgrown the farm and a new larger slaughterhouse was built in Blue Ball. This building, with improvements and additions is still the headquarters of the business today.

We are very proud of our heritage and our products. We encourage you to visit our online store today and try out some of our delicious beef jerky.


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1016 E Main St.
New Holland Pa 17557

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All New Holland Meats are USDA Approved and Inspected. We pride ourselves in quality and unmatched service. All of our products can be purchased with confidence in our market stand, outlet shoppe or online.

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All of our Nutrition information can be found HERE as well as on the label of various Beef Jerky Products. Please note that some products contain Soy and Wheat, please consult the label of the product you are purchasing, our Nutrition Page or send correspondence via our Contact Page.

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